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Hospitality Work Placement 9544E Part B
‘Supervision in the workplace’ Report

Step 1:

• .Handling Complaints.
• Training
• Discipline.
• Attitude to staff andmanagement.
1. Handling Complaints:My Manager responds quickly and efficiently to customer complaints. If any customer recived a cold meal, then my manager apologised to customer and offeredhot meal as well as discount the bill. As well, if a customer receive any complaint regarding customer service, then he come to front counter solve complaint.He remain calm and be polite, while handlingcomplaints.

2. Training: There are many managers at my workplace. Every manager do his job with responsibility. My manager provides a training session to new employees and train every one ineach task. He also train employees to provide good customer service.

3. Discipline: He maintain discipline at workpace very well. He teach employees to maintain friendly relations with each otherand cooperate each other as part of team. He intereacts with other staff like friends. If anybody try to create indiscipline, then he warn him for punishment.

4.Attitude to staff and management: Heshows very good attitude towards the employees and other managers. He always show positive attitude towards problem solving. He has cooperative nature. He never show rough behaviour to staff andmanagement. He show good attitude while handling customer complaints.

Step 2:


• My manager maintain good staffing levels. He split whole staff into different parts. There is one teamleader who leads team and organise everyone. My manager organise staff very wll in busy time. He himself give a hand in busy time.
• He maintain good style of establishment. He maintain establishmentneat and clean. He look after the dinning area and make sure it must be clean. Because customer donot like to eat at dirty place .
• He train new employees to cook different burgers and how...
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