10 Minutes to flat belly

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10-Minute Workout: Belly-Dance Away Ab Flab
Tired of crunching your way to better abs? Try this 10-minute abs workout for a sexy change of pace.
By Jocelyn Anderson;Photos by Chris Fanning Belly dancers aren’t just wiggling and jiggling their hips; they’re getting an ab workout that sculpts almost every single muscle in their core—even the hard-to-target, deeptransverse abdominals, says Rania Androniki Bossonis, author of Belly Dancing for Fitness (Fair Winds Press, 2004). Do this 10-minute routine once a day and you’ll shimmy your way to a sexy stomach.Minutes 0:00 – 1:30
Rib Slide Targets: Rectus Abdominus and Obliques • Stand with hands on hips and feet together. • Move just your ribs to the left, then back through the center of your torso and to theright. • Continue moving from side to side.

Minutes 1:30 – 3:00
Hip Circle Targets: Obliques and Glutes • Standing with feet hip-width apart and arms slightly lifted at sides, shift your hips tothe right, as if you were hula-hooping. • Then move them in a circular motion to the front, left, and back. • Repeat in the opposite direction. • Continue alternating.

10-Minute Workout:Belly-Dance Away Ab Flab, continued www.fitnessmagazine.com

Minutes 3:00 – 4:30
Horizontal Figure Eight Targets: Lower Portion of Rectus Abdominus • • • • Stand with arms out to sides and feet hip-widthapart. Lean right hip diagonally forward. Shift it to the right side, then around to the back and center. Repeat with the left hip and continue alternating, as if your hips were drawing a figure eight onthe floor.

Minutes 4:30 – 6:00
Vertical Figure Eight Targets: Lower Portion of Rectus Abdominus and Obliques • • • • • Lift right hip and heel and lean to the right. Drop hip and heel, returninghips to center. Repeat to left side. Now combine both sides into a smooth motion. Imagine you’re drawing a figure eight on the wall in front of you with your belly button.

Minutes 6:00 – 8:00
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