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2. Broadly outline what a logistics manager needs to know about transportation facilities and services.
The focus is on the facilities and services that make up the transportationsystem and on the rates (costs) and performance of the various transport services that a manager might select. They need to know how to examine the characteristics of the transportation servicealternatives that lead to optimal performance. It is the performance that the user buys from the transportation.

5. There are 10 possible coordinated transportation service combinations. Speculate why only 2of these have gained any significant popularity.
From among these service choices, the user selects a service or combination of services that best balance between quality of service offered and thecost of services. To make the decision there are several factors involved which makes it easier to take: price, average transit time, transit time variability, and loss and damage. It is presumed thatthe service is available and can be supplied with a frequency that makes it attractive as a possible service choice.

9. For-hire carries are required to move products with reasonable dispatch andcare. In your judgment, should a for-hire carrier have to pay for the following claims?
a) A shipment takes 30 days to arrive at its destination when the carrier normally takes 2 weeks for delivery.No, because if the due date is already set it has to be respected and followed the way it was first speculated. If the carrier takes more than when it was supposed to get there, then yes because hehas the capacity to make it arrived beforehand.

b) A shipment of furniture is extensively damaged in a derailment.
It depends if it was an accident caused by the carrier or by an external forcethat couldn’t be handled by him.

c) A trucker accidentally rolls over his trailer load of oranges on an icy road. Most of the load is damaged or stolen by passersby and a guardrail is damaged....
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