Batallas en el desierto

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Title: “Just like heaven”

Characters: Elizabeth, David, Abi, Lily, Joy, Jack, The man of the library, Katrina, Fran, Dr. Raston.

Plot: Its about one girl that works as a Doctorand never spent life for her own, so her sister decide to introduce her with some friend, but when she was on her way to the dinner, where she was supposed to meet this guy, she had a tragic accidentthat left her on coma.
The next scene is about a young man, named David, moving on his new apartment. He eventually start to see a young woman who can`t remember anything. He was shocked seeing hercause they, both think that she is dead.
The first time she saw David on her apartment he was very angry cause she thought he was a burglar, but he told her that she was dead and was a spirit so theystart to fight each other, she negates to be a ghost and he trying to get rid of her.
So he goes to a Library where he meet a boy who can see spirits or somehow feel them. David invites this youngboy to his new apartment so he may disappear the spirit. But instead of making her leave. They start to talk, and the boy tell David that he has to let go his dead marriage. She hearing this thoughtthat his wife dumpped him and make fun of him, he talks to her and then she understand that he wasnt dumped, his wife had died.
They start to understand each other, and they began to search someinformation about her life. They found several things about her life, and discover she was a doctor named Elizabeth. David and Elizabeth go to the hospital where they found out that she is actually in coma.Failing, trying to reunite the soul with her body, she spects to wake someday, Elizabeth decide to stay with her body.
After this she saw her sister named Abi talking to the Doctor and saying that hehas to shut down the machine that is making Elizabeth still breathing. Scared and desperate she runs to find David. They go to the house of Abi to try to convince her to not disconnect her. But she...
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