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Avianca Airlines Combats Drug Trafficking with American Dynamics™ Security System
“American Dynamics systems help us to prevent illegal or dangerous incidents among passengers and employees.”
Chief Manager of National Airports, Avianca Airlines

Avianca Airlines has a powerful tool to fight drug trafficking. Using state-of-the-art American Dynamics™ CCTV surveillance cameras anddigital video management systems from Tyco International, airline authorities can stop illegal activities and provide visual evidence to prosecute drug smugglers.

The largest airline in Colombia,South America, Avianca operates out of several international airports, with daily flights to major U.S., European, and South and Central American cities.

A longtime Tyco International customer,Avianca recently decided to install American Dynamics SpeedDome programmable dome cameras and Intellex® digital video management systems to gain more control over airport security. Today, Aviancaprotects its assigned gates and cargo warehouses with nearly 100 dome and fixed cameras positioned to record specified activity inside and around the perimeter of its facilities. CCTV footage is recorded viaIntellex, which provides easily accessible video. Intellex systems are connected through a local area network and are viewable using American Dynamics Network Client software. Having replaced oldVCRs with Intellex digital video management systems, Avianca security can also access footage of interest within minutes instead of having to run through hours of video tape to find what they are lookingfor. In addition, the airline records footage directly from the dome cameras onto Intellex 24/7 in high-traffic areas. For less traveled areas, such as the baggage warehouse, officials haveprogrammed Intellex to record footage only when the dome cameras have certain motion in their field of view. This system helps Avianca use valuable network bandwidth more efficiently by only recording...
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