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Gillette history:

Gillette began in Boston, US on September 1901 as the American Safety Razor Company and in 1902 renamed itself as The Gillette Safety Razor Company. In 1903 they first introduced its shaving system; sales were 51 razors and 168 blades. Once they received their patent over that product in 1904 sales jumped to 90,844 razors and 123,648 blades by the end of the year. DuringWorld War I the US Government ordered 3.5 million razors and 36 million blades for the soldiers. This actually helped the movement of the economy and the recognition of the brand. Gillette decided to diversify. 1948 they purchased Toni Company a US manufacture for home permanent kit for women; 1955 they bought Papermate Company, which manufactures ballpoint pens; 1962 Sterilon Corporation whomanufacture disposable hydrodermic needles.
They began to reinvent their self by introducing in 1963 the first razor blade for women it was called Lady Gillette; 1969 they opened a new Toiletries manufacturing and distribution center in Massachusetts. They again were the pioneers in 1990 by introducing to the market the first blade with pivoting head called sensor and followed by sensor for women. In1993 they acquired Duracell international.

Product Mix Width (Variety) of Gillette

Razors and Blades | Toiletries | Duracell | Oral B | Appliances(Braun) |
Wet ShavingMenMach3Power (2004)Mach3Turbo (2002)Mach3 (1998)SensorExcel (1994)Sensor (1990)Atra (1977)Trac II (1971)BladesComfort Blades(2000)CustomPlus (1994)Good News (1976)WomenVenusSensor (1992)Agility (1997)SensorExcel (1996)DaisySlim (1991)Daisy (1975)¾¾¾¾¾¾Dry ShavingMenBraun SyncroSystemWomenBraun Silk-épil | MenGillette SeriesShaving Gels andFoams (2002)Gillette SeriesAfter Shave Gels,Lotions andSplashes (2002)Gillette SeriesAnti-Perspirantand Deodorants(2002)Dry Idea (1978)Right Guard-------------------------------------------------
(1960)WomenSatin CareShaving Gel(1995)Soft & Dri Anti-Perspirant (1969) | GeneralUseBatteriesCopperTopUltra-------------------------------------------------
PrismaticsSpecialtyBatteriesPhotoHearing AidCamcorderWatchElectronicsHome medical | ManualToothbrushesAdvantageIndicatorCrossAction-------------------------------------------------
StagesPowerToothbrushes3D Excel3D PulsatingCrossAction-------------------------------------------------
KidsFlossandInterdentalSATINflossUltra FlossEssential FlossSuper FlossOrthodontic | Braun KitchenAppliancesFood ProcessorsHand BlendersCoffee Grindersand Makers-------------------------------------------------
JuicersBraun Hair Care-------------------------------------------------
and EpilationBraun-------------------------------------------------
Steam IronsPersonalDiagnostic |

Schick history:
Lt. Colonel Jacob Schick in1921 started The Magazine Repeating Razor Company, in Jersey City. He was inspired by the army repeating riffle, to invent a new type of safety razor. In 1963 Schick became the first US manufacture to sell stainless steel blades coated with Teflon. This non stick material improved comfort by reducing friction during the shave. Five years later they pioneered another innovation when scientistssucceed in depositing a thin layer of chromium on the blade edge making it more durable.
Schick’s Major Products:
* Quattro (September 2003) An ALL-IN-ONE cartridge that contains triple blades surrounded by a unique skin conditioning solid that lathers and shaves in one easy step.
* Intuition (April 2003) World’s first four-blade razor system with two conditioning strips tipped with Aloe andVitamin E.
* Xtreme 3 System (2002) A flexible pivoting triple-blade refillable razor system with lubricating strips that help conditioning the skin.
* Xtreme 3 Disposable (2001) Schick’s first and best disposable triple-blade shaving system with a lubricating strip, also available for women.
* Silk Effects (1997) a unique women’s twin-blade razor system with an “Ultra-Glide” strip...
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