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Name | Political Party | Ideology | Politics | Economics | Social |
Juan Domingo Peron | Justicialist | Peronism (some said he was fascist).His government was a sort of populist dictatorship |-Perón was a significant figure in the military coup by the United Officers' Group, a secret society, against a conservative civilian government.-His effective alliance with labor unions brought Peróngrowing influence in the military government. | -Perón won support from the labor movement by granting workers higher wages, more paid holidays, and other benefits.-Perón's attempt to rapidly strengthenmanufacturing industries at the expense of the rural economy exacerbated Argentina's economic problems, leading to large debts, high inflation, and little growth in productivity | -Under Perón'sleadership, the Department of Labor became an important government office.-On April 15, 1953, a terrorist group detonated two bombs in a public rally at the Plaza de Mayo, the center of downtown BuenosAires, killing seven citizens and injuring 95-On June 15, 1955, a failed coup d'état by anti-Peronists used navy aircraft to bomb Peronists gathered at the same plaza, killing 364 citizens. |
GetulioVargas | Vargas had no specific party | He favored nationalism, industrialization, centralization, social welfare and populism | -Brazil's 1934 constitution, passed on 16 July-Under the Estado Novo,Vargas abolished political parties, imposed censorship, established a centralized police force, and filled prisons with political dissidents, while evoking a sense of nationalism that transcended classand bound the masses to the state.-Although "the father of the poor" expanded the electorate, granted women's suffrage, enacted social security reforms, legalized labor unions as a populist, Vargasalso whittled down the autonomy of labor and crushed a series of "social banditry" violence revolts known as the cangaço. | Vargas linked his pro-industrial policies to nationalism, advocating heavy...
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