Social Networks

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Social network is a different web sities and pages that those offer people to sign in and they can communicate with an infinitive of people and also they can share different kinds of friendship,laborand also love relations.
So , the social networks have different uses but the most use is for communicate with people because in most of the social networks , we can share photos, videos , hobbies,meet people, connect with others moreover the web sities offer characteristics as automatic upgrades and other ways to social connect in line. There are many examples of social networks that theyusually compete one another like: hi5 , My Space, Facebook , Twitter, etc. the social networks are very easy to use and they allow to create communities for that reason they have produced a big impactas way by communicate since the technology science , they always looks for innovate .
The communications by social networks is more extensive because many people use them like a hobbie because theyare really easy to use in which we express our feelings, emotions and others. We can interaction with other people even though we don’t meet them, because the system is open for meet other people ,those kinds of social networks are increasing a lot since before organizing a party or a date ; we had to call his or her by phone but now we can save money and time because we only sign on the internetsince our own house or near place we can organize a meetings , parties, and more events moreover the social networks have decreased others mass media as instant messaging and mail.
The socialnetworks have been a phenomenon in those last years not only use it the people who want to change ideas, share and change information in different way but also the social networks are using for bigcorporations, organizations and companies for promote their products and services, it is a ample way to communicate for the corporations and companies since they have a close encounter with their...
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