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Daniel Abrego Labbe
Composition III
Miss Carolina Lasso
Friday, December 3rd

The Perfect Christmas Story.

I can say the perfect Christmas night is when the whole family gets together andgive thanks to God for all the great things he had given us, because sometimes we are unthankful with Him and we do not see the great things He give us day by day like: life, our parents, our friends,food, money, and many other things we think they are normal in our life, but they are blessings of God. Sometimes fool people thinks Christmas is only for spending money on expensive things for theirsons, moms, or wives, but I think Christmas is not the only occasion we can give things, because when you make a gift you have to make it with love and not expecting to receive another present.
Mystory takes place not so far, it takes place in san Salvador in el Salvador. Christopher is a boy with rich parents and the parents of Christopher does not have time for him, but Christmas is coming andhe knows in Christmas he will receive a magnificent gift. His imagination flies so far thinking about the precious gifts he will receive. But he knows in the deep of his heart he has a hole because heknows he will be sad because his parents will not be with him on Christmas night, they have to work. He feels so sad.
On the other side is Charlie a kid from the street that has never attend aChristmas party, but his expecting Christmas because he knows on Christmas he can rob people so easy and good people can give him free food and free clothes, but he has the same hole in his heart, becausehe is a boy from the street and he knows that he needs a family to be happy on Christmas.
Meanwhile Charlie is planning how to rob on the bus stop Christopher is tying to get his parents attention,because he wants his parents to love him not to spoil him like they had been doing for the shorts fifteen years he had lived, but his parents were indifferent about the signs of Christopher, and he...
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