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Personally, I think that Starbucks makes great coffees! There is always one matching my mood, no matter if I am needy for something cold or hot. They offer you to make your coffee on different kindsof milk which makes it comfortable for everybody – even the ones with a lactose allergy.
However, you could claim that no matter if the company takes good care of the coffee bean producers or not,if the coffee is based on regular milk, light milk or soya milk, if it tastes of vanilla, cinnamon or any other aroma – a coffee is and will always be: a coffee. The bottom line is that we are speakingabout coffee, and that is the case of Starbucks as well as the Italian Coffee.
In the case of Starbucks I do not think that the coffees are the core thing. Where I think that Starbucks is reallydoing a difference, where they really manage to differentiate themselves compared to other coffeehouses is when it comes to the today very famous phenomena, the Starbucks experience. They differentiatethemselves on the strong wish of not only giving the customer a nice coffee but to yield the customer an exclusive service of giving each customer an experience; an experience full of harmony,atmosphere and happiness.
In the book “The Starbucks Experience”, the writer, Joseph A. Michelli, describes 5 principles for turning ordinary into extraordinary. Principle 2 describes how every single thingshould matter. And to me, that is exactly what is fulfilling the business of Starbucks. In Starbucks it is about everything from the comfortable chairs, the always very soft and smooth sound of jazz,the funky lamps and the always happy employees.
And what I especially find great is that every single customer knows that he/she can count on this genuine service, an inviting atmosphere and asuperb cup of expertly roasted and richly brewed coffee every time.
As a firm you have to at some point make up your mind about differentiation. Do you want to differentiate yourself? In a horizontal...
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