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Andrés Torres English-4 Paragraphs 5A #35

Harry Potter

Harry Potter is an astounding seven book series that tells the story of a young wizardtrying to battle Voldemort through the saga. Now we see the books have impacted people by inspiring many cultures, fan clubs, and theme parks around the world. This is because its author J.K. Rowling has dedicated her life into writing the books. It is an amazing series everybody should read.

Fernando Torres

Fernando “El Niño” Torres was born in Madrid,Spain, on March 20th, 1984. Since a young boy he loved to play soccer, and he started playing professional soccer since 1995 as forward. His talent has taken him to big clubs like AtléticoMadrid, Liverpool, and currently Chelsea F.C.; in each of these clubs he has been very successful and has always won the number 9 shirt. In the 2010 FIFA World Cup he won the title withSpain and in the 2008 Euro Cup he scored the tournament-winning goal against Germany. He has become an idol for many people around the world.

San Andrés

San Andrés is abeautiful island located to the east of Nicaragua, but it belongs to Colombia. It consists of many interesting places like hotels, the “Hoyo Soplador”, Cove Beach, and a Presbyterian Churchbuilt in wood. Its people speak a version of Creole mixed with English and they also speak Spanish. San Andrés is also a touristic center where people from all around the world go onvacation.


Fish are found all around the world. They also make excellent pets because they are not loud, expensive and they are easy to take care of. Fish breathe underwater and some types of fish have a special kind of skin that makes them look like glowing. Some fish, like sharks, eat smaller fish but rarely humans. Fish are very interesting animals!
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