Living As If People Mattered

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1. What is the worldly function of service?
The worldly function of service is public service like the government or helping the world in some kind of aspect.

2. What is the biblical function ofservice?
Biblical service is a priestly function of mercy. The Hebrew word often used for service in the Old Testament is sharath. In literally meant “ to minister” or “ to treat with affection.”Similarly in the New Testament the Greek word diakoneo is often used. It literally means “to care for” or to “ offer relief.” Biblical service is far more concerned about taking care of souls than abouttaking care of business.

3. How are we to imitate God in his mercy and justness?
If God has comforted us, then we are to comfort others. If God has forgiven us, then we are to forgive others. IfGod has loved us, then we are to love others. If He has taught us, then we are to teach others. If He has borne witness to us, then we are to bear witness to others. If He has laid down His life forus, then we are to lay down our lives for one another. In other words we have to do to others what God and others do to us.

4. What happened to the nation of Israel When they refused theirresponsibility to imitate God in mercy and justness? Does this principle hold true today?
He reminded them that they were once despised, rejected, and homeless themselves. It was only by the grace and mercyof God that they had been redeemed from that low estate. Thus they were to exercise compassion to the brokenhearted and the dispossessed. They were to serve. If Israel refused to take up thatresponsibility, then God would revoke their privilege. If they refused to exercise reciprocal mercy, then God would rise up in His anger to visit the land with His wrath and displeasure, expelling them intothe howling wilderness once again. On the other hand, if they fulfilled their calling to live lives of merciful service, then they would ever be blessed. And yes, this principle still holds true...
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