Make Vs Do

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The English verbs do and make are frequently confused, so pay particular attention to the expressions below. It is best to learn the expressions by heart. Some guidelines do exist to helpyou determine which word to use when, but in general you will not have time to think through the rules before choosing a word. The best approach is to practise, and then practise some more!
• to do a favour
• to do a project
• to do a test
• to do an assignment
• to do an exam
• to do badly
• to do business
• to do damage
• to do exercise• to do good
• to do harm
• to do homework
• to do housework
• to do nothing
• to do research
• to do something
• to do some letter-writing
• to do somereading
• to do some studying
• to do some writing
• to do the accounts
• to do the cleaning
• to do the dishes
• to do the ironing
• to do the laundry
• to do themath
• to do the maximum
• to do the minimum
• to do the paperwork
• to do the shopping
• to do the vacuuming
• to do time
• to do work
• to do your best• to do your duty
• to do your hair
• to do your nails
• to do your job
• to do your makeup
• to do 50 miles per hour
To Make
• to make a booking
• to make abundle
• to make a call
• to make a cake
• to make a choice
• to make a comment
• to make a complaint
• to make a compromise
• to make a deal
• to make a decision• to make a difference
• to make a fire
• to make a fool of yourself
• to make a fortune
• to make a fuss
• to make a habit
• to make a move
• to make a phonecall
• to make a point
• to make a presentation
• to make a profit
• to make a promise
• to make a remark
• to make a reservation
• to make a sales call
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