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The history of a transformed city: Paris before and after the light bulb.

An idea that seems to be very significant in this book i show the scale of improvements related to light increased. Thefirst inventions were not as impressive as the ones that came afterwards. Moving from a fire that was shared among the people in the community, to each, at least family, owning a personal and moreprivate source of light is the perfect evidence that supports the idea that the history of light goes along with the history of society.
The history of light started from the most basic utilization ofthe natural resources that helped create fire. Big amounts of wood were put together and by rubbing some wooden pieces with others a spark would result and it would become the initial point of fire.Not everyone was able to create their own fire therefore all of the members of the community would get together, create a fire and use it in order to satisfy all of their needs. Spending time togetherwas not the main purpose of a communal fire however lives were exposed to be tighter to one another by exchanging experiences and ideas through conversations and other interactions.
Certainly this ledsomething else to happen. Just like the quote says “two heads think better than one”. Plans were put together; ideas were expressed through knowledge and hope. Innovation was born at these communalgatherings. The power of people’s minds made the candle happen. This new invention meant a lot to the society. IT was very determining, since the candle provided the resource that was already anecessity, in a handier way. IT was not necessary to go out in order to take advantage of it. Because of its portability, each person could have their own. This meant more comfort however more independencefrom others.
There is always a positive and a negative side of things. In this case the positive consisted of more privacy. Also as the author of the book mentions, light resembles safeness. There...
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