The Lousina Pruchase

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The Louisiana Purchase was a commercial transaction in which Napoleon, who was the First Consul of France at the moment, was the one in charge of selling to the United States the lands of Louisiana in 1803
This treaty included the territories of present-day Arkansas, Missouri, Iowa, Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska, Minnesota, The South of Mississippi River, a big part ofNorth Dakota, nearly all of South Dakota, The Northeastern of New Mexico, Northern Texas, a section of Montana, Wyoming, Eastern Colorado, and Louisiana, Obviously including the city of New Orleans. Also, the purchase of Louisiana was consisted of parts of the western provinces of Alberta and Saskatchewan in Canada.
This purchase was very important for the presidency of Thomas Jefferson, who had toface some internal issues to the purchase of Louisiana. Although there were doubts about the constitutionality of the acquisition of the territory, it was decided to purchase Louisiana because Jefferson’s didn’t agreed with the idea that Spain and France could have the power to block the American traders' access to the port of New Orleans. Also this negotiation opened to United States theaccess to the Pacific Ocean, and increased in an incredible way its territory, also this is one of the most consequential historical events in world history from the past two centuries.

The president of the United States Thomas Jefferson sends out his emissaries to France for the first time in 1801,  beginning to the negociations with France.
The Americans, only wanted to buy the waterfront, theAmericans took a big surprise when the French were offering them the entire land. 

Most of the lands that conformed Louisiana territories were unexplored and unknown to both American people and also to the French people at the time. Because of this, shortly after the purchase of the land President Jefferson requested that Congress approve $2,500 for an exploratory expedition west.

Once thecongress approved the funds for this expedition, The President Thomas Jefferson chose the Captain Meriwether Lewis as the leader of the expedition. Capitan Lewis was chosen basically because he already had some experiences, and some knowledge of the west, and also he was a skilled and experienced officer of the Army.
When all the arrangements for the expedition were almost ready, The Capitan Lewisdecided that he wanted a co-captain and he chose another officer of the Army who was, William Clark.
The main target of this expedition, were mainly to study the Indian tribes that were living in the area, they mission also was to study the animals, the geology, the plants and specially terrain of the Louisiana territory. Another target of this expedition was also to be a diplomatic one, and helpto transfer power over the lands, and to the people living on them from that were from France and Spain that were living in the United States. Also in addition, Thomas Jefferson wanted that the expedition find a direct waterway from the West Coast to the Pacific Ocean so the westward expansion and the commerce would be easier to reach and achieve in the following years.
Capitan Lewis and WilliamClark gathered between 30 and 40 young men, who had military experiences. Their expedition was nearly ready in December of 1803. They built 3 riverboats, had many practices with the guns and rifles. On the boats they just stored only 100 barrels of goods and supplies, medicines, supplies of guns, also medical instruments, and twenty-one bales of goods for trading with the natives.
Capitan Lewisand William Clark started their Mission on St Louis on May 14,1804 up on the Missouri River. Sixteen men who were: Ten French boatman and six American soldiers would have to travel Missouri river upstream.
They persuaded a French man who was called, Pierre Dorion, to guide them and to help them find the Sioux Indians. Near the Sioux City, in Iowa, the expedition experienced and suffered their...
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