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Vivisection: A Cure or a Cruelty?
Less than 2 % of human diseases have occurred in non-human animals (Thew 2). In other words, over 98% of human diseases have never been shown in animals. Despite this overwhelming fact, animal experimentation or vivisection continues to exits. And because of its development and maintenance, every second 33 animals die within a laboratory in the world, universityfaculties of medicine, and in biology and veterinary laboratories hired by companies producing cosmetics, toiletries and household products in human food. Even though animal testing has provided a platform for medical research, it is not acceptable to test medicines, cosmetics, chemicals or create diseases in perfectly healthy animals. This practice is immoral, irrelevant, and unnecessary, andtherefore, should be abolished.
Vivisection should be abolished because it is an immoral practice. Vivisection is a cruel torture of millions of animals every year in the world. It is not acceptable that we, the most intelligent animal in this planet are capable of such horrible and atrocious acts. Wilkie Collins, a medical researcher, says that 100 million animals are used in experiments worldwideevery year (Thew 2). But this is not the alarming fact; the overwhelming part is how these creatures that are intelligent and capable of feeling pain are bred to die or are abducted from their natural habitats. Millions of mice, rats, rabbits, cats and even the “man’s best friend,” dogs, are locked in laboratories waiting for the most terrifying experiment that can only be practiced by thethinking race. As Collins states: “Animals are treated as tools in the name of science” (Thew 2). Is there any science here? How can we call these atrocities that endanger other species science? Or as George Bernard, a Nobel winner in 1925, said: “Atrocities are not less atrocities when they occur in laboratories and are called medical research” (Thew 2). This technique has made possible all sorts ofnew and horrific acts of animal exploitation; for instance, vivisectors give mice and rats enormous tumors and painful deadly illnesses. Poison substances such as pharmaceuticals, industrial chemicals, pesticides, or household products that are pumped into dogs’ bodies. Other examples include the vision experiments made on cats. They are raised in darkness, have one or both eyes sewn shut, or havetheir eyes removed. This is ignoring the experiments that do not have any medical purpose, such as those made on rabbits. They are subject to the Draize eye irritancy test, in which cosmetics, dishwashing liquid and other substances are dripped into the animals’ eyes (Caine 2). So experimenters, vivisectors and every single person in this world must understand that every animal, regardless of itsspecie, size or physical characteristics, has an inherent value, a right to be respected an most importantly, a right to live.
Another reason why vivisection should be abolished is because it is irrelevant. Most scientists with interests in animal testing argue that vivisection has been responsible for advances in medical research. But the truth is completely different. Most animal experimentsare performed on animals that are nothing like human beings, such as rats and mice (O’Neill 1). This contradicts the belief that these experiments are a guide for human reactions. Clarence Little, a leading cancer animal experimenter, says: “Each specie has its own unique physiology so, the reaction of any animal to a substance is no guide to human’s reactions” (O’Neill 1). It does not take a geniusto realize that there are irreconcilable differences between a human and a rat. But aside from the obvious anatomical differences, there are many subtle physiological differences between animals used in experimental procedures and the human body. In addition, many diseases that kill or injure human beings do not affect other members of the animal kingdom. For example, cancers in human patients...
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