1968 Movement

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Aguilar Contreras Ana Isaura.

Guerra García Jesús.

Munguía Soto Alma Rosa.

Pineda Salazar Mario Nolberto.


García Kisaí Coral.



Modalidad Semi escolar

Generación 2007/2010.



Chapter 1. Background to October 2, 1968.

1.1 Chronological version of the student movementin July to October 1968.

Chapter 2. Repressors and responsible for the massacre of October 2, 1968.

1. Gustavo Diaz Ordaz.

2. Luis Echeverria Alvarez.

3. Office of Gustavo Diaz Ordaz.

Chapter 3. Version by active members of the October 2, 1968.

1. Open Letter to the imprisoned students.

2. Testimony and discussion of yesterday andtoday by Mr. Alberto Guerra Enríquez survivor of the slaughter of October 2, 1968.

Chapter 4. Slogans and calendar of the student movement of 1968.

1. The remains of Diaz.

2. Guadalajara on a plain.

3. Those who struggle for a just cause does not know defeat.

4. Corrido de cueto.

5. The Guerrilla.

6. Ballad of the Agrarian.




The reason this work is to disseminate a version that is almost never seen, for that is not much information of what happened on 2 October, related to the 1968 student movement, or simply for fear of government repression, because although there are rights that protect the citizens of the country you, in order to give free expression that is a lie because at the time thatinfringe on the personal benefits of those who govern us or we have run, the will go up by whatever means they have to use to keep silent, either through bribery or the use of fear (of force or aggression) that have always been governments that have ruled.

This work is presented to you have your own point of view on why the events passed October 2, 1968, in order not to commit the samemistakes of the past and see who were the people responsible for shut even with the use of force audience no matter the consequences, more than their own personal interests or to look good with other Governments.

Chapter 1. Background to October 2, 1968.


In order to inform young people around the world about the truth of ourmovement, the National Strike Council (CNH); edit this chronological version of the events of 22 July to 11 October.

The intention of this statement of fact, it is also the denial of tendentious and false information that the government of the republic and sold Mexican press has become so widespread in our righteousness, and abroad.



Among the students ofvocational schools 5 and 2 and the private school "Isaac Ochoterena" is engaged in a scuffle, resulting in several young men beaten, broken glass and encouragement schools exacerbated by both parties. The type of problems is common and any excuse is enough for the rivalry between students, is translated into shock.


The ongoing struggle between students and beaten with stones and clubsare still taking place in the streets around the schools mentioned, the riot involved brutally beat hundreds of young people who are not involved in the brawl Inter student enter school grounds, beating the ladies, teachers and employees, arresting large numbers of people and caused major damage to the schools. The chief of police in riot (Gen. Cueto) denies the assault and the use of tear gas.26/July/1968.

At the initiative of students of vocational and students from other campuses of the IPN, the directors of the National Federation of Technical Students (FNET) are forced to make a protest against police barbarism and freedom of the imprisoned students. The demonstration part of the monument to the revolution and ends at the Casco de Santo Tomas. Simultaneously, another...
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