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Per the Colombians, the drug is called devil’s breath because “it steals your soul.”

We have come across such large variety of hallucinogens in our twenty five years of treating addiction that itis safe to say that even beyond the risk of fatal overdose, scopolamine is not a safe recreational drug.

Scopolamine has been used for a variety of medicinal purposes including as a sedative andto treat nausea and motion sickness. Scopolamine has even been researched to treat addiction (which doesn’t surprise considering the other research that has been done with hallucinogens like ayahuascaand ibogaine).

However, while many drug users who are fond of hallucinogens feel righteous about using them because of their “natural” origin and long history of use back to ancient times, we warnstrongly for users to beware of hallucinogens. Incidentally, the street drug "devil's breath" that was purchased in the Vice.com documentary was processed and powdered - it looked like cocaine.Many of the users in the vice.com documentary talked about memory loss. One man has continual memory loss and also suffers terrifying nightmares since his use. This is consistent with other accountswe’ve seen of heavy hallucinogen use.

Also, we know that people who have psychedelic experiences using hypnotic drugs like scopolamine have also reported longer term mental health issues likedepression, confusion, and in extreme circumstances, psychotic episodes. The potential to go into a dissociated state can leave someone with a lingering traumatic effects.

While scopolamine seems tobe a predatorial drug that is foisted upon unsuspecting targets by people aiming to do them harm, we do not hesitate to suspect that the drug can and will be used for recreational “pleasure.” This issimilar to the drug “rufies” (rohypnol), which is primarily known as a “date rape drug” but also is abused as a party drug.
Por los colombianos, la droga se llama aliento del diablo, porque "roba...
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