Abortation, a problem for everyone

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Nowadays abortion is considered a controversial topic, the scientific definition is “The termination of a pregnancy by the removal or expulsion from the uterusof a fetus, resulting in or caused by its death. An abortion can occur spontaneously due to complications during pregnancy or can be induced in humans and other species”. In many parts of the world itis illegal to practice it, should we allow it in our country?

To being with, abortation could be a solution to many problems that exist in our society. Firstly to prevent overpopulation that thatis a big problem in the third world countries, abortion should help people who can’t sustain a big family in a good way.
Besides there are many kids that come in the world without shelter and theydon’t have a good conditions to life, access to a public services such as potable water, food, electricity and family to share with, with abortion we can prevent these unwanted conditions. Furthermorefor the mothers that are not prepared to have a kid, in Colombia are many young mothers that can’t pay for essential needs of a baby or a kid, and in this fact is the most important because they arenot prepared to get money and to take care of her child and most of these kids could become a problem for our society .

On the other hand, everyone has the right to live, these human rights aresupported by The United Nations and these must be accomplished by all and every single person in the world. Also religions consider abortion as a sin, the principal doctrine in the world is theCatholic religion and this doctrine says that we have to have moral values also, the Ten Commandments that we should follow and respect and one of these is respect the human life. In addition, when you killsomeone you are a killer and a fetus is considered a human life, every single human must accomplish the laws that they have in every country and the international laws too, so if you practice...
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