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  • Publicado : 16 de marzo de 2011
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Topic : The situation is controversial because one group of people has to be right when they say abortion is ok or it is not ok. We have to analyze human’s rights, victim’s rights andchildren rights.


Human’s rights

Based on people that are in favor
People that are against of abortion

Victim’s rights
When it comes to of rape,
When it comes to ofincest
When the life of the mother is in danger

Children’s rights

When does the life begins
Children’s special care


Let's just say a pregnant woman is driving to thehospital one night to have an abortion and unexpectedly, a car coming from the opposite direction crashes with her and the woman hits her head, and her stomach hits the steering wheel. The person driving theother car is drunk, and, the mother does survive the accident, the fetus does not. In these circumstances, he would be charged with a type of murder. However, the mother was intentionally going toabort the baby, so does this mean she was about to murder her child? The situation is controversial because one group of people has to be right when they say abortion is correct or it is not. We have toanalyze human’s rights, victim’s rights and children rights.

Human’s rights are based on people that are in favor or are against of abortion. The main argument against abortion is thebelief that life begins at conception, and that means if you have an abortion, it is basically the same thing as murder. Another good argument says if a woman doesn’t want to take care of the child afterit’s born, then there are a lot of people who are looking to adopt, and, the main arguments that are agreeing with abortion say that even though the fetus is alive it is not a person. Anotherargument is that the woman should have full control of her body, and since the fetus is in her body and dependent on her that it should be the mothers’ choice.

When we talked about victim rights both...