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  • Publicado : 5 de junio de 2010
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The problem in my community is that some women are opting by abortion. But, we should introduce into the debate on abortion two seemingly marginal elements: one is the mutilation of her body, andthe another is the real cause of abortion and no abortion which are emotions. When, we talk in favor or against abortion we appeal to laws and ethics. But, laws are modified and ethics are verydifferent for different people. Respect to the law; if an abortion is legal, it performs an act within the law and would only resort to legislative change, if the position of each non personal agrees withthe cases referred for legal abortion. On the ethics issue could say much since we start from a principle not agreed between the scientists; those men in white coats that today say white but tomorrowsay black. Obviously, there are the ethics of different faiths. But, that will always be labeled a vulgarity by the non denominational, mainly by those who profess a different religion. Finally, wehave ethics; which is independent of any religious denomination. But remember something that someone said; " If we highlight the positive emotions and facilities couples- don't forget that there is afather- if we provide to partners that positive emotions can maintain and develop, then abortion would decrease in quantities amazing". This means that if people get help about their feelings, theywill feel more sure about their responsabilities. I agree with this because is truth that our emotions have much to do with the decisions that we may make about a situation such as abortion.This problem starts because of bad experiences such as: Sexual abuses, incomprehension of their parents, lack of information about sexual education and pregnancy. We remain in a stalled debate,turning in a circle and no more steps forward than those who get in return. The defense of pro or anti-abortion position should be addressed from the firm belief that defends the position, perhaps by...
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