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  • Publicado : 30 de noviembre de 2010
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Advertising and prevention

With my career I think that I can prevent many things that people do and how they do it in case of a disaster in Ecuador. This is my last semester of communication andadvertising, this is a career that has de facilities to convince people of anything and they will hear you because people tent to hear radio, TV, newspaper, in general all the media. To prevent peoplein Ecuador in case of a disaster like the eruption of a volcano, there are many things that I could do. The first thing that I would do in case of anything is a massive campaign, this will be in allthe media that is important in Ecuador, a media that all the people in the cities could see and by seeing my campaign they would know what to do. The massive media that my campaign will be included isfirst of all in TV; in this media what I will do is a commercial that will say all the things that you have to do in case of an eruption o a volcano, the things that the commercial will say will besomething like this:
1.Have access to masks, goggles, caps and hats. The masks are for the preferential use of children and the elderly. Prepare to have wet towels to cover nose and mouth. Prepare apantry with canned food and bottled water (5 liters per person) for an average of 5 days.
   2.Prepare cisterns, tanks and / or hermetically sealed containers to avoid contamination. Open tanks can beused plastic bags that can be fixed with the use of a rope
   3.Prepare a flashlight and a battery powered radio to keep track of reports and recommendations of the Civil Defence or the competentauthority.
   4.Prepare a first aid kit.
   5.Cover electronics to avoid damage.
   6. Prepare: a roll of packing plastic garbage bags to cover resistant tanks and leave the ash and sand that cancarry great weight.

This is the basic things that people need to do before and eruption of a volcano. Then the next media that I will use to prevent people will be the radio, in here I will pass it...
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