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Advertising is the promotion of a company's products and services carried out primarily to drive up sales of the products and services. It is also done to build a brand identity and communicate changes in old products or introduce new product/services to the customers. Advertising has become an essential element of the corporate world and hence companies allot a considerable amount of resourcestowards their advertising budget. There are several reasons for advertising, some of which are as follows:
* Increasing the sales of the product/service.
* Creating and maintaining a brand identity or brand image.
* Introduction of a new product or service.
* Increasing the buzz-value of the brand or the company.
Thus, there are several reasons for advertising. Similarly, thereexist various media which can be effectively used for advertising. Mentioned below are the various categories or types of advertising. Have a look.

Print Advertising - Newspapers, Magazines, Brochures, Fliers 
Print media has always been a popular advertising option. Advertising products via newspapers or magazines is a common practice. In addition to this, the print media also offers optionslike promotional brochures and fliers for advertising purposes. Often, newspapers and magazines sell the advertising space according to the area occupied by the advertisement, the position of the advertisement in the publication (front page/middle page, above/below the fold), as well as the readership of the publications. For instance, an advertisement in a relatively new and less popular newspaperwill cost far less than an advertisement in an established newspaper that has a high readership. The price of print ads may also depend on quality of the paper and the supplement in which they appear. For example, an advertisement in the glossy (and popular) supplement of a newspaper costs more than one in a supplement which uses mediocre quality paper. 

Outdoor Advertising - Billboards, Kiosks,Trade-shows and Events

It makes use of several tools and techniques to attract the customers outdoors. The most common examples of outdoor advertising are billboards, kiosks, and also events and trade-shows organized by the company. Billboard advertising is very popular. However it has to be really terse and catchy in order to grab the attention of the passersby. Kiosks not only provide aneasy outlet for the company's products but also make for an effective advertising tool to promote the company's products. Organizing special events or sponsoring them makes for an excellent advertising opportunity and strategy. The company can organize trade fairs, or even exhibitions for advertising their products. If not this, the company can organize several events that are closely associated withtheir field. For instance a company that manufactures sports utilities can sponsor a sports tournament to advertise its products. 

Broadcast Advertising - Television, Radio and the Internet 

Broadcast advertising is a very popular advertising medium that constitutes several branches like television, radio or the Internet. Television advertisements have been very popular ever since they wereintroduced. The cost of television advertising often depends on the duration of the advertisement, the time of broadcast (prime time/lull time), sometimes the show on which it will be broadcast, and of course, the popularity of the television channel itself. The radio might have lost its charm owing to new age media. However it remains the choice of small-scale advertisers. Radio jingles havebeen very a popular advertising medium and have a large impact on the audience, which is evident in the fact that many people still remember and enjoy old popular radio jingles. 

Covert Advertising - Advertising in Movies 

Covert advertising is a unique kind of advertising in which a product or a particular brand is incorporated in some entertainment and media channels like movies, television...
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