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Language and Mass Communication:


Suggested areas of study:

Ethical Issues: Tobacco  / Alcohol : Suppression of medical data / surreptitious targeting of underage market                             Perpetuation of unhealthy body image and its impact on the growing incidence, and falling age of sufferers, of anorexia in female population: “Heroin Chic” (BMI testing of modelsin attempt to combat this), Facebook diet Ads on girl’s pages / Gender stereotyping

                        Infomercial scams

                        Shock Advertising: controversial campaignsand their impact / implications, e.g. Benetton campaigns

                        Targeting of “tweens”

Advertising Standards Authority web site– the UK independent regulatory body, contains infoand “Facts and Figures” 

Tobacco & Alcohol Advertising - famous 1994 case of tobacco company targetingyoung       *See 3rd Topic “Tobacco companies targeting teens, study says. 

Drink DrivingUK

25 Years of campaigns (from 1976)
the campaigns of the 80’s and 90’s : “Drinking and Driving wrecks lives”

Institute of Alcohol Studies –“Drinking and Driving” - IAS Factsheet

This is an excellent 2004 BBC article on the “Drink Driving Wrecks Lives” campaign and its success in the 80’s and 90’s, and the following increase in drink-
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