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It is understood to air pollution such as pollution of the atmosphere by gaseous wasteor by-products, solid or liquid, which can endanger human health and the health and welfare of plants and animals, attack different materials, reducing visibility or produce unpleasant odors.

Air pollution is one of the most important environmental problems, and the result of humanactivities. We are creating and increasing the gradually every day.

The causes of this pollution are diverse, but the higher rate is caused by industrial, commercial, domestic and agricultural.

In this project, I will talk about what’s is the atmospheric pollution, the situation in Spain, in Andalucía and i will finish with an example in Mijas (Málaga)

The objective of this project is toevaluate the air pollution in a particular place.


The objective of this project is to evaluate the atmospheric pollution.

You will learn about the atmospheric pollution. and the real situation in Spain, exactly in Mijas (Málga).

We will analyse the evolution in this place.


The project was commissioned by Professor ULRIKEZankel-PICHLER to complement the knowledge imparted in the course "UMWELTBELASTUNGEN IM E& v-Bereich" that takes place at the FH JOANNEUM, University of Applied Sciencesin Kapfenberg, and is centered in Mijas, a town near Malaga.

The work aims to analyze evoluvión air pollution in this area.


Mijas is a municipality Andalusian province of Malaga (Spain). Located onthe Costa del Sol, 30 km southwest of the provincial capital.

It is the third municipality in the province in terms of population. It focuses on three main urban areas: Mijas Pueblo, located on the slope of the Sierra de Mijas, is the historic center of town, Las Lagunas, located in an area called Mijas Costa, part of the ongoing urban city of Fuengirola , and La Cala, a coastal town. The areaof the municipality is 148 km ².

Inhabited since ancient times, a small village Mijas was devoted mainly to agriculture and fisheries to the explosion of the tourist boom in the 50s of last century. Since then, tourism and construction sector have been the engines of the local economy, firing at the same time the population and income per capita, although at a high environmentalcost. Today is a multicultural city with a high percentage of foreign residents and one of the main residential tourism in Andalucia.




Air pollution means the presence in the atmosphere of substances in a quantity that involves discomfort or risk to the health of people and other living things, come from everykind, and that can attack different materials, reducing visibility or produce unpleasant odors.

The main mechanisms of air pollution are industrial processes that involve combustion, in industries such as automobiles and residential heating, generating carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides and sulfur and other pollutants. Similarly, some industries emit harmful gases in its productionprocesses, such as chlorine and hydrocarbons that have not performed complete combustion.

Air pollution can have local, when the effects are felt bound to focus on the vicinity of the site o planetario, when the characteristics of the contaminant affected the balance of the planet and outlying areas that contain emission sources.



Air quality in Spain isbad. A report of Ecologists in Action said that 84% of Spanish an air worse than the rates of health protection recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO). Other studies show similar data.

The consequences of this pollution are translated according to the Ministry of Environment and Rural and Marine Affairs (MARM), in 16,000 premature deaths a year in Spain. In addition, it causes...
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