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A: Hi, my name’s Tila. What’s your name?

B: I’m manuel. Nice to meet you

A: Nice to meet you too. Welcome to this company. I would to know more about you. Tell me: Where were you born?

B: I was born in Tabasco

A: And what’s your age?

B: I’m 30, and you?

A: I’m 35. Where do youlive?

B: I live in Tabasco

A: And what’s your telephone number?

B: It’s 9932-22-32-45

A: Are you married?

B: No I’m single.

A: Me too, and what do you do?

B: I’m an accountant

A: Oh gosh! It’s late. We have our first meeting. See you in the conference

room, ok?

B: Yeah I see you bye.

Assignment 1 tarea 1 viernes 10

Assignment 1expositions 16 Feb.

1) Read the text

2) Underline the main ideas

3) write a 100 words summary (in Spanish)

4) Find images related to the main ideas

5) Write simple sentences (in Spanish) to express. The main idea

6) find the equivalent translation (in English)

7) Make and present the information using power point

Deadline for 1 to4. Friday 10 deadline for class work Tuesday 14

Resumen viernes 10


Learning activity - para

Tareas calificables – task’s to be evaluated

Sentences= subyect + verb + complement

Gerardo is handsome


El secreto del éxito es laeducación, educación y educación

The secret of success is education, education and education


- assignment 1

1) read the text

2) underline the main ideas

3) write a 100 words summary (in spanish)

4) find images related to the main ideas

5) write simple sentences (in Spanish) toexpress the main idea

6) find their equivalent translation in English

7) make and present the information using power point

- persona informations

- name

- age

- telephone number

- civil station

- place of living

where werw you born?

B. I was born in mexico city

A. and how old are youhay un ? what´s your age

B. i´ m 30,and you?

A. i´m 35 where do you live?

B. I live in Tabasco

A. and what´s your phone number?

B. it´s 99-32-22-32-40

A. are you merried?

B. no. i´m single

A. me too, and what do you do?

B. i´m an accountant

A. oh gosh! it´s late we have our frist meeting see you in the confesence room, ok?

B. yeah se you bye

- el secreto del exito eseducacion, educacion y educacion

- the secret of success is education, education and education

- el pais mas globalizado del mundo

- hte most globalized contig in the word

- hay un factor psicologico importante: cuando la gente tiene un desafio, importante mas obstaculos le pongan en el camino mas esfuerzo vamos a hacer para superarlosFILANDIA

- vivian de la agricultura y de la exportación de materias primas

- es el primer lugar en el ranking de competitividad internacional del foro económico mundial

- su secreto es: educación, educación, educación.

3 maestras - aprender otro idioma

- tiene un programa “ wilma” es un programa donde los pades y maestros ven el desempeño de losadultos

- marca Nokia

the governmert stop our future living the past

latin American people **********

it is necessary to investi more in cience and engineering to inmprove economi

education, sciehnce, technology will he the keys of economic develop

they to kit a live nacional he ******

** we live they look


Worksheet 1: sentence structure....
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