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Supported Keypads:
PC5508, PC5516, PC5532, PC1555RK, LCD5500, LCD5501, RF5501, PK5500, PK5501, PC5508, PK5516, LED5511, LCD5511

1. My system is show a Low Battery TroubleThis trouble condition indicates that the system backup battery is low. This battery is used to provide power to the alarm system in the event of AC power loss. If this battery requires replacement, anew one may be installed or purchased from an authorized security dealer. Battery Ratings: Voltage = 12VDC Type = Gell Cell or Lead Acid Amp/Hour = 4Ah (minimum) Note: After replacing the battery, itmay take up to 24 hours for the battery trouble indication to clear on the keypad.

2. How do I program the Time and Date This trouble indicates that the time and date need to be programmed for thealarm panel. Certain system functions require that the correct time and date be programmed. Programming Time and Date: Step 1 - Enter [*][6]+[Master Code] Step 2 - Enter [1] Step 3 - Enter Time [HH:MM]Step 4 - Enter Date [MM:DD:YY] Step 5 - Enter [#]

3. TLM/Telephone Line Monitor Trouble This trouble condition indicates that the alarm panel cannot detect the presence of a telephone line. Star Commands:
Bypass Zone Step 1 - Enter [*][1] Step 2 - Enter the 2-digit number of the zone or zones (1-4) to be bypassed Step 3 - Enter [#] Chime On/Off Enable/Disable Door Chime: Enter [*][6] Whenthe above command is entered, the keypad will provide an audible indication of whether or not the chime has been enabled or disabled: Chime ON = 3 rapid beeps Chime OFF = 1 long tone Access Codes:Add User Access Code To add a user access code to the system: Step 1 - Enter [*][5]+[Master Code] Step 2 - Enter 1-4 to select the user code which is to be added Step 3 - Enter the 4-digit number forthis user Step 4 - Enter [#] Change User Access Code To change the 4-digit access code number of an existing user: Step 1 - Enter [*][5]+[Master Code] Step 2 - Enter 1-4 to select the user code which...
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