Amar a morir

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Alejandro is a young man who is the son of an influential politician obviously his father wanted his son to marry a person who was worthy of his only heir, but Alexander the day theyhad to engage in a very elegant party guests politics. The person was a drug addict and when I try to talk to your dad did not want and marry his girlfriend, his dad did not listen and said they werejust wedding nerves.
The problem is that and accept it and went to the engagement party and what was his surprise soon after, he discovered that his girlfriend had had sex with the singer at his partywas the worst thing was that they had in the party room bath.

The problem is that he came out of the party very angry, and went with friends to the antrum, and obviously took drugs and was up allnight with girls cool, they left the nightclub that was the morning after working with his friends like drag racing, and very stoned, I pass them a boy came from who knows where and kill him, why theyabuse, and realized nose, after that the four got out of the car, and Alex , fled the scene, but he stayed because he felt remorse.
The problem was that after the police came and took him to whichhis father took him out fast and I had many influences on the police.
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The boy Died Instantly,historical and Dad When He Went to prison for the scolding, and after I Said That Had Given good bite him one police chief to leave him, leave and the Parents of this Boy Given Also Had Told Hisbodyguards and money, That If They Did not sign it Saying That They Do Not sue or anything That Was a deal. His father Them Forced him to offer an apology to the family of his Girlfriend, But Otherwise Idid take money from the bodyguards, and Took him to the house of the boy who Killed to Give Them Money, But His family ran and the only thing Could I think of WAS manage and drive for long hours,...
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