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  • Publicado : 6 de septiembre de 2012
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Amaranth is one of the most ancient crops of Mesoamerica: the Mayas, the Aztecas, Incas, gatherers and hunters peoples knew him. The first data of this plant dates 10 thousand years, according tosome researchers, and others, as Juan Manuel Vargas, of the University of Sonora, points out that "archaeological samples of grain amaranth or Amaranthus cruentus, found in Tehuacan, Puebla, date back to4000 BC, and indicate that probably originated in Central America and South". Berneri Vele, a degree in biology, a graduate of the University, Central Venezuela, confirms that the more remotetestimony of amaranth, associated with human activity, "is 4." "000 years BC, concerned it some seeds found in the Mexican State of Veracruz (Mexico) in the cave of Coxtatlán, in the indigenous communitiescalled Ocampos".
Amaranth was a plant that the agricultural activities of the pre-Hispanic peoples fought in importance with the corn and beans. Era consumed both shaped vegetable and cereal and grainproduction was at its peak during the Mayan and Aztec in Central America. The situation changed when came the Spaniards that banned its cultivation and consumption as "Pagan". They almost managed tostamp it out. Some scholars argue that it was a strategy military keep weak people to more easily conquer it as amaranth was a food of warriors.
The Mayas may were the first to use the amaranth,"xtes", as cultivation of high-performance, appreciating especially its nutritional value. The Aztecas knew him as "huautli" and ligaban it with their religious rites. And the Inca called it "amaranth"(little giant) and so respected mainly for their healing powers. The word "amaranth" comes from the Greek and means "plant which withers not". Ensure CITES that "flowers of any kind after cut Amaranthlast a long time and not lose color, assume an aspect more delicate and beautiful to when they are live, reason for which was formerly used to adorn the tombs and symbolized immortality".
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