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  • Publicado : 9 de noviembre de 2010
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It is very difficult to define love, for me its not only just an emotion it is much more. You can see how love has changed thru out the years; how people live with the smallest hope possible than one day they can find true love. Long time ago you can see how love was shown with art pictures that gives the idea of some kind of passion between people. But what people don’treally know is that love can be seen or define not just with words it can be defined as something different you can see it as just a game, as a symbol, as hope or just as an imagination.
People show love with gestures not just by saying two words, doing something special for the person can show what you feel. You can see love in different ways there is the love for your family, romantic loveand even a love for a friend. Love is something you feel and want to show, it is difficult to understand and its not perfect like you see it in the movies. People have gotten the impression that love can be perfect, its not there faults that they think that its how society has changed what love is, telling you and showing you in movies, TV shows, radio, ads perfecting selling you a definition oflove that in my perspective can be an imagination not reality. Society also has given love some kind of price for some people for example given something like a present is a gesture of love. What you see in the screen doesn’t help you figure out or define love it gives you a vague background of what love should look or be like in today’s society, it doesn’t show you that its not perfect it doesn’ttell you the bad things of love and how in reality is so difficult to find. When you are little you see love as a fairy tale you see it as an imagination, as something perfect and you feel like its something you will find easy in a way because in most fairytales couples meet easy and simple with no problems.
Living in this society you can see how other people define the term love. Everybody havedifferent opinions, people define it as something special, a special bond between two people or more. People can see love as just a game. You know its not easy to win. It shouldn’t be just a competition but society has given love a title something you aspire to win. You feel it like it plays thru your body like a special energy you doesn’t even see. Most people believe love is something that cancontrol you dominates you. It makes you do things that people don’t actually do, gestures you wouldn’t do normally and you see how people change when they love when they feel and open up to another person.
This word for most people is special it is something you only feel ones and when you feel it is something you cherish for the rest of your life. It brings out happiness in people somethingthat humans want or search all there life. Love in most cases gives some kinds of hope to people. You can see how love is interpreted different in different culture, but what you can get from all of this is that love can be defined as not only a feeling for another person but as an action, but love has also been used as an international language a language with out frontiers. You can see love as asymbol, I red rose for most people is defined as love, the most important one is a heart defined as passion and strong emotion, opening to someone is not easy and you heart knows this. There are even places on the world that symbolizes romance the best example of this is Paris Tour Eifel, even Paris is the city of love a city where love can be found.
Love can be a contrast with hate, lust and evenlooking it as a more romantic way you can see it as contrast to a friendship. When you hate something or somebody its something you don’t want in your life something you want to forget or make it disappear, the difference with love when you love someone or something you want to spend time with it or fight for it. You can define love with similar words as care, like, worship, adore, this helps...
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