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The footwear market will be analyzed taking footwear retailers as players. The key buyers will be taken as individual consumers, and footwearmanufacturers as the key suppliers.

Figure 1: Forces driving competition in the global footwear market, 2009

Source: Datamonitor


The footwear retail market is highly fragmented,but large retail groups hold a strong position in the market wielding bargaining power over suppliers. Rivalry is strongest between these large players. As footwear is a basic necessity, and thusinvolves high sales volumes, buyer power for individual consumers is reduced considerably. Much of the footwear sold across the globe is sourced from manufacturers in low-cost manufacturing locations,especially South-East Asia and therefore, many western countries' domestic manufacturers lack the ability to compete effectively within the mainstream footwear market without outsourcing to such regions.Fixed costs for retail operations are relatively low and new entrants are common. However, owing to the existence of large established retail groups that wield significant economies of scale, it isdifficult for such new entrants to increase in size considerably. Although footwear retailing is fairly fragmented, the market is dominated by large retail groups between whom there is a high degree ofrivalry.

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Buyer power
Figure 2: Driversof buyer power in the global footwear market, 2009

Source: Datamonitor


Buyers with respect to the footwear market are defined as end-user consumers and market players as footwearretailers. The necessity, and therefore high sales volumes, of footwear reduces the buyer power of individual consumers considerably. As a consequence of fashions and the variety of different...
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