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Apple Inc.: Scanning its Environment
Mariaesther Rojas
American Intercontinental University
Strategic Management / MGT680-1102A-02 / Unit 2 IP

Apple is an amazing phenomenon that is taking the dream of many companies such as Microsoft's own. Every time Steve Jobs takes the stage with his minimalist appearance to announce a new product, the world takes note. Everyone wants toknow what the most innovative company in Silicon Valley is up to and nobody wants to lose the opportunity to take a bite at the “Apple” (Merladett, 2011). We are going to recreate Apple Inc.’s SWOT analysis in order to guide the senior manager of a computer company.

Apple Inc.: SWOT Analysis
Strengths Weaknesses
1. Products user friendly 1.Its high prices do not help in the current difficulttimes
2. Provide complete products with all drivers and the possibility to download applications for iPhone and iTunes, which is the music store for iPod 2. Strong growth in investment and developments, decrease net revenues
3. Positioning as the "cool" brand 3. Its operating system only represents 10% vs. 80% from Windows
4. Its customers are loyal 4. Positioning mainly in United States
5.Retains old customers and conquer new ones 5. Short-term debts pressure them to make the quick sale of their products.
6. Posses a constant increment in total revenues. In 2010, the yearly increment was 52.02% over 2009 (Money Central, 2011). 6. Products posses a short term life-cycle and their revenues depend on launch of new services and products

Opportunities Threats
1. Excellent globalhost of its flagship product: iPhone and now the iPad 1. Microsoft is the company best known in the software's world.
2. Most consumers in the world use PC board made by Intel. 2. Competitors (Microsoft, Nokia, Samsung) copy Apple's ideas
3. Broad acceptance of Apple store (one billion downloads to the current month) developed by different groups of programmers in the world. 3. The iPhone hascreated a completely new market of smart phones in companies like Nokia and Samsung are producing all range of new products.
4. Thanks to iPhone, Apple start to be known worldwide 4. Easy filter of Apple's confidential information (many bloggers announce new product developments long before the official announcement)
5. Nowadays, more investors are interested in investing in Apple due to thegreat results in times of crisis 5. The current crisis is not yet defined how long will last
Taking Advantage over Apple’s SWOT Analysis
In order to propose some strategies for the computer company by the senior manager, it would be interesting to create a mix of these four characteristics like providing some recommendations for Apple that will serve us as the new strategies that will use thevulnerability of Apple in order to help us to increase the market share of our company.
SWOT backwards will be Threats, Opportunities, Weaknesses, and Strengths. Therefore, let us mix these facts. WO (weaknesses and opportunities) that Apple needs to look for and we need to take advantage. SO (strength and opportunities) that Apple needs to take advantage of and we need to explore. ST (strength andtreats) that Apple needs to confront and we need to also to take advantage; and WT (weaknesses and treats) that Apple needs to avoid and we can use to our benefit (Martinez, 2009).
Using Apple’s Weaknesses and Opportunities
(1) To decrease operational cost we need to seek for offshore contracts in countries such as India, Israel, and Ireland as well as any others countries who can be goodsoftware developers. (2) Throughout surveys, we can study Apple and Window customers’ dissatisfaction to based part of our strategies in filling out their dissatisfactions. (3) Find out what retail companies specializing in technology products in Latin America and Europe to work with them. (4) Look for new shareholders willing to invest large sums of money to return a short time, providing great new...
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