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  • Publicado : 16 de agosto de 2012
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oLecture Notes in Control and Information Sciences 346
Editors: M. Thoma, M. Morari

Sophie Tarbouriech, Germain Garcia, Adolf H. Glattfelder (Eds.)

Advanced Strategies in Control Systems with Input and Output Constraints


Series Advisory Board
F. Allgöwer, P. Fleming, P. Kokotovic, A.B. Kurzhanski, H. Kwakernaak, A. Rantzer, J.N. Tsitsiklis

Editors Dr. Sophie TarbouriechLAAS-CNRS 7 Avenue du Colonel Roche 31077 Toulouse cedex 4 France

Adolf Hermann Glattfelder
ETH Zürich Dept.Informationstechnol./Elekt Inst. Automatik Physikstr. 3 8092 Zürich Switzerland

Professor Germain Garcia
LAAS-CNRS 7 Avenue du Colonel Roche 31077 Toulouse cedex 4 France

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Physical, safety or technological constraints induce that the control actuators can neither provide unlimited amplitude signals nor unlimited speed of reaction. The control problems of combat aircraft prototypes and satellite launchers offer interesting examples of the difficulties due to thesemajor constraints. Neglecting actuator saturations on both amplitude and dynamics can be source of undesirable or even catastrophic behavior for the closed-loop system (such as loosing closed-loop stability) [3]. Such actuator saturations have also been blamed as one of several unfortunate mishaps leading to the 1986 Chernobyl nuclear power plant disaster [12], [10]. For these reasons, the study ofthe control problem (its structure, performance and stability analysis) for systems subject to both amplitude and rate actuator saturations as typical input constraints has received the attention of many researchers in the last years (see, for example, [13], [8], [7], [6]). Anti-windup is an empirical approach to cope with nonlinear effects due to input constraints, and override is a relatedtechnique for handling output constraints, [6]. The anti-windup approach consists of taking into account the effect of saturations in a second step after a previous design performed disregarding the saturation terms. The idea is then to introduce control modifications in order to recover, as much as possible, the performance induced by a previous design carried out on the basis of the unsaturated system.In particular, anti-windup schemes have been successfully applied to avoid or minimize the windup of the integral action in PID controllers. This technique is largely applied in industry. In this case, most of the related literature focuses on the performance improvement in the sense of avoiding large and oscillatory transient responses (see, among others, [1], [5]).