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Applying UML in The Unified Process
Ivar Jacobson Rational Software email: ivar

Before the UML
1960’s - 70’s
COBOL, FORTRAN, C Structured analysis and design techniques

1980’s- early 1990’s
Smalltalk, Ada, C++, Visual Basic Early generation OO methods

Mid/late 1990’s
Java UML Unified Process

Models and Diagrams
A model is a complete description of a system froma particular perspective
Use Case Use Case Diagrams Sequence Diagrams Diagrams Use Case Use Case Diagrams Use Case Diagrams Diagrams State State Diagrams Class Diagrams Diagrams

State StateDiagrams Object Diagrams Diagrams

Scenario Scenario Diagrams Collaboration Diagrams Diagrams


State State Diagrams Component Diagrams Diagrams

Scenario Scenario Diagrams StatechartDiagrams Diagrams

Component Component Diagrams Deployment Diagrams

Activity Diagrams


But, the UML Is Not Enough

Team-Based Development

Modeling Language

Unified Process Creating the Unified Process
Rational Unified Process 5.0

Rational Objectory Process 4.1

Functional testing Performance testing Requirements mgmt Conf. and change mgmt Businessengineering Data engineering UI design

The Rational Approach Objectory Process 1.0-3.8


The Ericsson Approach

What Is a Process?
Defines Who is doing What, When to do it, andHow to reach a certain goal.
New or changed requirements New or changed system

Software Engineering Process

Overview of the Unified Process
The Unified Process is
Iterative and incrementalUse case driven Architecture-centric

Lifecycle Phases
Inception Elaboration Construction Transition



Define the scope of the project and develop business case ElaborationPlan project, specify features, and baseline the architecture Construction Build the product Transition Transition the product to its users

Major Milestones
Inception Elaboration Construction...
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