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8-D is a quality management tool and is a vehicle for a cross-functional team to articulate thoughts and provides scientific determination todetails of problems and provide solutions. Organizations can benefit from the 8-D approach by applying it to all areas in the company. The 8-D provides excellent guidelines allowing us to get to the rootof a problem and ways to check that the solution actually works. Rather than healing the symptom, the illness is cured, thus, the same problem is unlikely to recur.
Step 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
ActionThe Planning Stage Establishing the Team Problem Definition / Statement & Description Developing Interim Containment Action Identifying & Verifying Root Cause Identifying Permanent Corrective Actions(PCA) Implementing & Validating PCA Preventing Recurrence Recognizing Team Efforts
0 The Planning Stage:
The 8-D method of problem solving is appropriate in "cause unknown" situations and is not theright tool if concerns center solely on decision-making or problem prevention. 8-D is especially useful as it results in not just a problem-solving process, but also a standard and a reporting format.Does this problem warrant/require an 8D? If so comment why and proceed.
Is an Emergency Response Action Needed?
(If needed document actions in Action Item Table)
1 Establishing the Team:Establish a small group of people with the process/ product
knowledge, allocated time, authority and skill in the required technical disciplines to solve the problem and implement corrective actions.

Team Objectives:

Department Name Skills Responsibility

2A Problem Definition
Provides the starting point for solving the problem or
nonconformanceissue. Need to have “correct” problem description to identify causes. Need to use terms that are understood by all.
Sketch / Photo of Problem

Part Number(s):
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