Are parents the best teachers?

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  • Publicado : 22 de noviembre de 2011
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Lorena P. Salazar Suquilanda

Are parents are the best teachers?

A teacher is a person who gives a big part of his/her time to share theknowledge that he/she has acquired through the years. Being a teacher is not only a degree but also a matter of good will and unconditional love. In fact, kids see their parents as the first teachers who arealways giving them the tools to face life in the correct way. It is clear then that there is no love as the love that parents give to their children. Indeed, their role is not limited to feeding them,but also to act as models to be followed, and instructors for their development. Thus, a great part of the necessary wisdom to face life could be perfectly taught by parents with the appropriatesupport of the academic system.

Parents could teach thousands of necessary things just through their experiences as the best examples to depict how life is. They should talk and share with their kidssome episodes of their lives from which they have learnt important lessons for their lives. Accordingly, Maria Montessori, a famous pedagogue says: “children’s mind is an absorbent machine that keepsinside all the messages given trough life”. Furthermore, all family experiences should be used by parents to show their children the possibility to gain knowledge of every day actions. For instance,children learn the way to solve problems in the best way by looking at their parents’ perseverance and intelligence to accomplish their goals. On the other hand, it is known that kids enjoy trying outnew experiences that must be used by parents to discuss and teach their kids, the good and bad consequences of their own acts. Of course, parents do not have to judge the mistakes done by theirchildren in the process of learning, without the enough arguments and explanations that can improve their future way of life. As a result, communication is the best tool that should be used inside the...
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