Articulo 27

When I'm down really yin
And I don't know what I'm doing
Aisumasen Yoko
All I had to do was call your name
And when I hurt you and cause you pain
Darling I promise I won'tdo it again
Aisumasen Yoko
It's hard enough I know just to feel your own pain
All that I know is just what you tell me
All that I know is just what you show me
When I'm down real sanpaku
And Idon't know what to do
Aisumasen Yoko san
All I had to do was call your name
Yes, all I had to do was call your name

Angela, they put you in prison
Angela, they shot down your manAngela, you're one of the millions
of political prisioners in the world.
Sister, there's wind that never dies
Sister, we're breathing together
Sister, our loves and hopes forever keep
on moving oh soslowly in the world.
Angela, can you hear the earth is turning?
Angela, the world watches you.
Angela, you soon will be returning
to your sisters and brothers of the world.
Sister, you're still apeople teacher
Sister, your word reaches far
Sister, there's a million different races
but we all share the same future in the world.

They gave you sunshine
They gave you sea
They gave youeverything but
the jailhouse key.
They gave you coffee
They gave you tea
They gave you everything
but equality.

What a waste of human power
What a waste of human lives,
shoot theprisioners in the towers
Forthy-three poor widowed wives
Media blames it on the prisioners,
But the prisioners did not kill
"Rockefeller pulled the trigger"
That's what the people feel.
Attica,Attica state, we're all
mates with Attica state.
Free the prisioners, free the judges
Free all the prisioners everywhere,
All they want is truth and justice
All they need is love and care
Theyall live in suffocation,
Let's not wathc them die in sorrow,

Now's the time for revolution,
Give them all chance to grow.
Attica state......
Come together join the movement,
Take a stand for...
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