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Lenguaje: it’s the method of human comunication either spoken or write consited of the use of words in a structured way.

Morphology: it’s the study of words, theirinternal structure and how they are formed.

Adverbs: words that modify an adjective, verb, another adverb, a phrase. They indicate maner, time, place, cause or degree. They answer questions sunch aswhen, where, how, how much.

Funtion words: words that have little lexical meaning.

Morpheme: the minimal unit (piece) of meaning in the grammar of a language.

a) free morpheme: a single partthat constitutes a word and can stand alone.

b) Bound morpheme: a morpheme that must be attached to another morpheme.

Preffix: an affix that occurs before a morpheme.

Suffixes: an affixthat occurs after a morpheme.

Inflectional morpheme: modify a word’s tense, number, aspect and so on without deriving a new word. They carry grammatical information there are and inflectional inenglish.

Syntax: it refers to how are related to each other and how words can be cominated to form senteces.

a) well formed sentences: a sequence of words that conform to the rules of syntax.b) I’ll formed senteces: a sequence of words that violate the rules of syntax.

Phonetics: Deals with the production (physical nature) of speech sounds by humans and with the organs that interveneto produce them.

Phonology: It’s a branch of linguistic that deals about the patterns of sounds in different patters of sounds in different positions, etc.

Consonants are divid by.

a)Manner of articulation: Describes how the speech organs are involed in making a sound.

1. plossive (stop). Comple and momentary closure of airflow through the vocal tract. [p, t, k, b, d, g]
2.Nasal: the airflow passes through the nasal passages. [n, m]
3. Fricative: there is a slight friction when producing the sound, then there is a continuos airflow through the mouth. [f,v, Θ, s,...
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