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  • Publicado : 2 de septiembre de 2012
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Autism is a spectrum of disorders characterized by severe developmental deficits, permanent and deep. Affects socialization, communication, imagination,planning and emotional reciprocity, and repetitive behaviors or unusual evidence. Symptoms generally include the inability of social interaction, isolation and stereotypies(uncontrolled movements of a limb, usually the hands). Over time, the frequency of these disorders increases, due to this increase, monitoring and evaluation of strategies forearly identification may allow early treatment and improved outcomes.
Its origin is due to an abnormality of neuronal connections that is attributable often to mutationsgenéticas.1 However, this genetic component is not always present, as has been observed that the disorders suffered by a person with autism may have a component multifactorial, asdescribed involvement of various risk factors which act together. Genes affecting synaptic maturation are involved in the development of these disorders, leading toneurobiological theories that determine the origin of autism is focused on the connectivity and result in neuronal effects of gene expression. There are several treatments but not allbeen adequately studied.

In my view autism is a case that you have to be careful because it's very trickybecause there is an illness like any but a very different to theother as this willaffect you can not socialize, stay alone and because usually people like to do that, imagine they can not socialize, I feel I must specially handle thesepeoplebecause they did not decide how to choose and if I were an autistic I would likethem to treat me in a special way so as if neither had happened, that's myopinion.
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