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  • Publicado : 19 de septiembre de 2010
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Looking for a moment and a place
I was surprised because nobody was there… the, I look at the clock. Where were all? It´s strange! I wanted to listen to music and the response was the same. Withsome anguish I look around every corner of the room looking for a response to much solitude and silence.
Then, I read the note from my mom: “ As there is no light, we went with your aunt”. Whenthere´s no electricity, there´s no life”. I tried to sleep, but in this moment, I started thinking about the party for next Saturday. Pablo wants me to go, but I don´t want to meet Patricia. If she goeswith her new boyfriend, I´ll die. No, I will go. I won´t miss the party because of her. I will tell Moni to join me. I´m sure she will like to go with me. She´s crazy for me! And then if I don´tfeel good with her I can tell her that I feel sick… No, I can´t do this… but, why not? They always do the same when they want….

It´s the first time that I think about Paty since we broke. Istill feel bad because of it. I heard the advice of “el gula” and I decided not to feel, not to think and then go out with other friends. I don´t know why she didn´t want to continue with ourrelationship. We were together only six months, and now she seems like a stranger. But, what about me? Do I want to do that? Do I really wanted to continue with it? I don´t know myself and I try to knowothers. Some things she said she was right, there are things that I should change. No! Why change if I like as I am? It is true, sometimes I don´t know what I want, I behave like a fool, but I like as Iam. I always like my self, or not? Sometimes I do, sometimes I don´t. Now I'm sure: I want to go to the party. And if Paty goes? I don´t care, I know that won´t be so difficult. And what about theothers? If I feel good, nobody will be able tell me anything.

The TV and the radio turned off, and I was surprised because of the refrigerator´s noise. Then, I hear the key at the door and my...
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