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  • Publicado : 15 de octubre de 2010
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Auto Shop View

My first impression when I saw the auto shop was that it was small shop. Although it has all the tools need it to repaira whole car. The owner seems to be a very experience guy with a lot of knowledge, it seems also that he likes what he is doing, and treatshis costumers with respect and honesty.
The shop also seems to be a wealthy shop that is been family own for several years , on my opinionI think it was a good idea to visit this places so in the future we have a knowledge on how to start a business. On the walking around, Ialso see on how he maintains the shop clean. Another thing that it was very useful was to know that there are no needs on buying parts inadvanced due to the competitive auto parts market that there is now in days. Another think that it was useful to know, is when you do arepair and you exchange parts on the repair, is that you always need to keep the old parts so the costumer see what you did, and is a goodthing to do, so the costumer see that there is no misunderstandings on what you did.
On the back of the shop I like on how keeps every thingorganize not like other shops that have many cars just sitting in there. I also like that he has a lot space to work on several cars under aroof so when it’s hot you don’t have to worry about. Overall I like this small shop and is a great way to start your own auto shop.
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