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  • Publicado : 2 de junio de 2011
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Ayacucho, founded as San Juan de la Frontera Huamanga and also known as Huamanga, is a city of Peru, capital of the province of Huamanga and the Department of Ayacucho. It is located on the easternslopes of the Andes at an altitude of 2,746 m and is characterized by its pleasant climate, warm and dry.
Ayacucho The word derives from the Quechua word "nurse" (soul) and "k'uchu" (purple-place),therefore, Ayacucho word etymology means "Abode of the Soul", a phrase that could result from a set of human remains were found in this place as a result of the battles that held its firstinhabitants, longing to found a town by its strategic location, with the invaders of the Inca Empire expansion.
The city of Ayacucho is located in the northwestern department of Ayacucho andsouth of the country's central highlands in the southern area of the Andes, 2,746 meters, and is between 13 ° 09'26 "South latitude and 74 ° 13'22 "West longitude. The city is the district of Ayacucho(fenced or also known as the historic center), and the urban district of Carmen Alto, San Juan Bautista and Jesus of Nazareth.
Weather: Ayacucho is located climatologically as the height in theQuechua zone according to the classification made by the scholar Javier Pulgar Vidal, who divided the territory of Peru into eight natural regions. This area is characterized by broad valleys with flatbottoms. The climate is temperate and dry, with an average temperature of 17.5 ° C and a relative humidity of 56%. This climate is considered suitable for life and their main crops are wheat, corn andpotatoes. The rainy season is between November and March.
Valley can be considered as a medium altitude, in terms of moisture can be considered as semi-arid zone, and from the ecological point ofview corresponds to the vegetation type called "dry mountain forest."
According to the Eleventh Census of Population and Housing VI carried out by National Institute of Statistics and...
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