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*English Project.
*"Music at the NU *Orinoquia* Branch*"

1. Keyner Correa.
2. Camilo Gonzalez Contreras.
3. Julian Camacho Gomez.

THE MAIN Objective IS:
TOIdentify the different types of genres that people like at the NU Orinoquia Branch, and also actual and future talents that it owns.

Specific objectives:
• To Survey students in the NU OrinoquiaBranch to identify their musical tastes.
• To Know the genres and favorite artists.
• To Encourage students to attend music course offered by the NU Orinoquia Branch.
• To Promote themusical culture in the UN Orinoquia Branch.
1. What is your favorite genre of music?
2. What is your favorite artist?
3. Do you play any musical instrument?, Which one?
4.Would you like to learn to play a musical instrument?
5. Do you attend a Musical course offered by the UN?

Contributions of this project for the university community:
This project pretendsto encourage students who wants to play an instrument to join the music group

Groups and plans:
At this time the NU Orinoquia branch does not have a specific band, it has some solosingers, but in the musical group they are creating a group of drums, the next plan is to make presentations at the branch, maybe other branches and the town of Arauca.

Why in English? Why in thisclass?:
The aim of presenting this project in the English class is to improve our English communication for a better development of our English skills. We chose this topic because maybe thisproject in this class would be much more interesting and informative.

Music workshop:
The NU Orinoquia branch is offering a musical course for free, in which people interested in playing amusical instrument can choose the one that catches their attention, learn to play and also people who already know how to play one, can improve.

Our topic is MUIC AT UN
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