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  • Publicado : 10 de septiembre de 2012
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What is marketing:The total activities involved in the transfer of goods from the producer or seller to the consumer or buyer, including advertising,shipping,storing,and selling |


in this short essay I will talk a little about the three hotels Decameron Hotel Bahia del Sol Hotel Real Intercontinental and three hotels have somethingin common and grab something different which is its location in one case which leads them to have advantages over and on occasions other disadvantage ssuch as the Bahia del Sol Hotel is located on thecoast, the Hotel Real Intercontinental is located in the city and the same for decameron Resume found in the location of these hotels has a great influence on the influx ofpeople these then receives the services they provide to tourists of different promotions and packages stay at these hotels also helps attract tourists an example of this is decameron because it has a wide range of promotions toattract the attention of tourists and the three hotels mentioned may be said to have a greater influxof tourists as It receives a lot of people every day then this real site and finallyintercontinental hotel Bahia del Sol one of the tourist attractions of the hotel Bahia del Sol is the marlin fishing contest as this also serves to draw attention of tourists and partition in a sport which isthe fishing after talking a little about your location and promotions to attract these tourists is free food is also the service these have since also in some cases this affects a lot because if a tourist doesnot recive a good service would not return to the hotel and is unlikely to provide good recommendations from the hotel, the Hotel Real Intercontinental also has been characteristic forwinning a number of awards of them is "Priority Club Rewards Members' Choice 2008"of three in the smaller is hotel bahia del sol has a total of 155 rooms Hotel Real Intercontinental has 228 rooms with 552...