Balanace de energia de un evaporador

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  • Publicado : 5 de diciembre de 2010
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|Design of Falling Film Evaporators in the Food Industry |
|That orange juice that you had this morning sure tasted good didn'tit?  Did you ever |
| |
|wonder how they get it concentrated into that little can?  Chances are themanufacturers used a falling film evaporator.  |
|Falling film evaporators are especially popular in the food industry where many substances are heat sensitive.  A thin film of|
|the product to beconcentrated trickles down inside of heat exchanging tubes.   Steam condenses on the outside of the tubes |
|supplying the required energy to the inside of the tubes.|
| Typical Setup |
|Heat Transfer Balance|
|The simple heat transfer balance for falling film evaporators is: |
|The overall heat transfer coefficient consist of the steamside condensing coefficient (usually about 5700W/m2 K ó 1003.82 |
|Btu/hr.pie2), a metal wall with small resistance (depending on steam pressure, wall thickness), scale resistance on the |
|process side, and a liquid film coefficient on...
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