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Corporación Miski

P.1a Organizational Environment . What are Your Key Organizational Characteristics?

Within your response, include answers to the following questions:

a.Organizational Environment

(1) What are your organization’s main products and services?

The Company is focused on collecting, processing, manufacturing and sales
food ingredients, such as: paprika,ancho and guajillo chili peppers, jalapeno peppers, dried beans, butter beans, olives, oregano and onions, in different forms and presentations, for export to North America and European markets.Escuchar
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What are the delivery mechanisms used to provide your products and services to your CUSTOMERS?

Misky offersits products to the European and American market, the establishing relationships with customers direct, to establish more contacts increasingly involved in agribusiness fairs known in the world.Escuchar
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1. nombre
1. lime
(2) What is your organizational culture? What are your stated PURPOSE, VISION,MISSION, and VALUES?

Stated Purpose:

• Generate an offer of differentiated products with higher added value, which will produce above-average margins between other traders.

• To enterinto new potential markets in the short and medium term.

• Continue developing new products, to offset losses from lower exports in some of the products that make up the portfolio.|Mission: |
|To position ourselves as Peru's leading exporter of our products,focused on supplying food ingredients to global industry |
|leaders worldwide and always in the forefront of innovation of new export crops in Peru. |
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