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  • Publicado : 20 de septiembre de 2010
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Yucca Mountain is the place
Where we’re debating to store our nuclear waste.
The problem is that this waste is high in toxicity
But the hybrid reactor is very well a possibility.
This reactor isvery useful and neat
Because it uses fusion and fission at the same time so its complete.
For those of you that don’t know which one is which
Fusion requires two, so that they combine into one in acinch.
Fission, however is a different story
It splits in half and is still great in its glory.
This system is better for the environment and for everyone else,
Because it reduces the amount ofwaste left a significant amount.
Normally waste can last up to thousands of years,
But with this system it is reduced among with many fears.
Although a hundred years is still a lot
It’s a waybetter system that the scientists have thought.
The effect that nuclear waste has is that it is highly radioactive,
Creating the possibility of cancer and many diseases attractive

In 1982 an act waspassed for a place to put this nuclear waste

Putting ideas for a place in haste

Another big issue is all things that are toxic

Chemicals that come from manufacturing, farming andconstruction build up quick

1976 EPA was given powers

To regulate or ban substances at all hours

In case a of a horrendous spillio

Like the one going on in the gulf of México

1980,Comprehensiveenvironmental response compensation and liability act was created

In order to pay for clean up that is always hated

There is waste going into the air everyday

Smoke and pesticides contributeto the this dismay

That is why awareness was made by the Pollution prevention act

So where to dispose of this sludge?

In most case it is put in a special landfill not to budge

It is oftentreated with chemicals to make it less of a problem

Or they are treated with bacterium

409 million tons of garbage is annually thrown out

This includes septage, scrap metal, latex paints,...
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