Batman begins

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Summary of the novel

Guillermo Navarro#01
Samuel Avila #02
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Jean Paulo Freitas #26

Caracas December of 2009

The good guys:
- Batman: His real name it Bruce Wayne and he lives in Gotham City.
- Alfred Pennyworth: He works for theWayne family.
- Sergeant James Gordon: is a police officer with the Gotham City Police Department.
- Lucius Fox: In charge of the Applied Sciences office at Wayne Enterprises.
- Rachel Dawes: Have been friends with Bruce since they were children. Now is an important lawyer at the District.
The bad guys:
- Ra’s al Ghul: is a brilliant fighter and ninjas teacher.
- Ducard: is number 2 to Ra’s alGhul.
- William Earle: is the boss of Wayne Enterprises.
- Dr. Crane: is the most important doctor at Arkham Asylum in Gotham City.
- Carmine Falcone: is Gotham’s biggest criminal.
- Gotham City: was once a big and happy place but now is dark and frightening.
- Wayne Manor: full of expensive things is the Wayne’s family house. Nowadays, only Alfred lives there.
- Wayne Tower: Is thecentre of Gotham City. Wayne Enterprises and the train station are there.
Batman Begins
Chapter I: The blue flower
The story starts when Bruce Wayne was in prison in Buthan, a country far away from Gotham City. One day he was getting breakfast when a very big man attacked him. He tried to get over the situation but a prison officer took him to a dark and closed room.

Been there, Brucenoticed that he was not alone and a man named Ducard appeared. Ducard worked for Ras’s al Ghul and told Bruce to look for a “very special flower” on a high mountain top because there he was supposed to find some important answers for his life.
After that, Bruce started thinking about his life and remembered a sad episode of his childhood. One time, while he was playing with her little friend Rachel hefell down into a dark well where a lot of bats appeared freaking him out.
Bruce started to climb the mountain, as Ducard said, and found the blue flower easily. He climbed higher and entered into a big building he found over there. Inside, Ra’s al Ghul was sitting waiting for him and Ducard was next to him with a line of Ninjas with swords ready to fight. They asked Bruce to fight but he refusedbecause he was tired so when they did the question: “are you ready?”… And Bruce answered not; Ducard threw him to the floor and told him that he must be always ready and that they will teach him to do that.
One day, during the training, Bruce confessed to Ducard that he was afraid of bats and the bad remember of his parents death took over his mind. He remembered the whole episode. He was only 8when, after a play a man took his money and killed Bruce’s parents.
That day Ducard was giving Bruce a lesion on a river. It was thick ice and they were fighting with swords. Ducard suddenly hit the ice with a sword, the ice broke and Bruce crashed into the black water. Ducard told Bruce that he must always look very carefully at the things around him.
Bruce kept taking lessons with Ducard formany months and learned to fight very well. Then, when Ducard considered that Bruce was ready he challenged him to fight all the Ninjas. Bruce fought all of them successfully and won, winning Ducard’s confidence.

Chapter II: Bats everywhere
This chapter begins with Bruce thinking about his life. That night, after he fought the Ninjas he could not sleep. He spend the all night remembering allthe angry an unhappy he felt about his parents death.
Bruce remembered when he was 20 and went to Gotham City by train. He found a very different place, a dark and chaotic city and he was there because that day, Joe Chill, the criminal who killed his parents was getting out of prison. He was so angry that he planned to kill him and took his gun but when he arrived with Rachel outside the prison...
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