Biografía de hideyo noguchi

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Tour Guiding and Interpretation Name: Mangrove TeamTopic: Hideyo Noguchi’s BiographyNoguchi Hideyo was born in Inawashiro, Fukushima prefecture in 1876. When he was one and a half years old he fell down into a fireplace and suffered a burn injury on hisleft hand. There was no doctor in the small village, but one of the men examined the boy. "The fingers of the left hand are mostly gone," he said, "and the left arm and the left foot and the right handare burned; I know not how badly."
In 1883 he entered Mitsuwa elementary school. Thanks to generous contributions from his teacher Kobayashi and his friends, he was able to receive surgery on hisbadly burned left hand. He recovered about 70% mobility and functionality in his left hand through the operation.
Noguchi decided to become a doctor to help those in need. He apprenticed himself to Dr.Kanae Watanabe (渡部鼎, Watanabe Kanae?), the same doctor who had performed the surgery on his hand. He entered Saisei Gakusha, later became Nippon Medical School. He passed the examinations to practicemedicine when he was twenty years old in 1897. He showed signs of great talent and was supported in his studies by Dr. Morinosuke Chiwaki. In 1898, he changed his first name to Hideyo after reading anovel about a doctor who had the same name - Seisaku - as him. The doctor in the novel was intelligent like Noguchi, but became lazy and ruined his life.
In 1900 Noguchi moved to the United States,where he obtained a job as a research assistant with Dr. Simon Flexner at the University of Pennsylvania and later at the Rockefeller Institute of Medical Research. He thrived in this environment. At...
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