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|Name: |Virginia Stephen Woolf |
|Birth Date: |January 25, 1882 |
|Death Date: |March 28, 1941|
|Place of Birth: |London, England |
|Place of Death: |Lewes, Sussex, England |
|Nationality:|English |
|Gender: |Female |
|Occupations: |novelist, critic, essayist |VIRGINA WOOLF

The English novelist, critic, and essayist Virginia Stephen Woolf (1882-1941) ranks as one of England's most distinguished writers of the period between World War I and World WarII. Her novels can perhaps best be described as impressionistic.

Dissatisfied with the novel based on familiar, factual, and external details, Virginia Woolf followed experimental clues to amore internal, subjective, and in a sense more personal rendering of experience than had been provided by Henry James, Marcel Proust, and James Joyce. In the works of these masters the reality of timeand experience had formed the stream of consciousness, a concept that probably originated with William James. [pic]Virginia Woolf lived in and responded to a world in which certitudes were collapsingunder the stresses of changing knowledge, the civilized savagery of war, and new manners and morals. She drew on her personal, sensitive, poetic awareness without rejecting altogether the heritage ofliterary culture she derived from her family.

Early Years and Marriage

Virginia Stephen was born in London on Jan. 25, 1882. She was the daughter of Sir Leslie Stephen, a famous scholar andagnostic philosopher who, among many literary occupations, was at one time editor of Cornhill Magazine and the Dictionary of National Biography. James Russell Lowell, the American poet, was her...
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